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Nívive Sun Powder Protection $80 for three boxes [SP100]



N’vive Sun Powder Protection foundation offers invisible and weightless coverage that looks just like skin.

*This long-lasting formula evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers a broad spectrum of UV protection.

*The hydrating Oil-Free foundation leaves skin feeling soft, comfortable, and clean. 

*N’Vive SP foundation is ideal for all skin types.

  • N’vive SP Powder  is an all-in-one cosmetic and skincare product. SP Powder can act as foundation, concealer, or sunblock.  
  • The N’vive SP Powder combined with the N’vive Serum, which has whitening properties, effectively minimizes wrinkles for bright supple skin and offers UV A and UV B protection.

Ingredients: Talc fine powder, mica powder, tipaque-Tio2, magnesium stearate, palmitate vitamine A, isopropyl  myristate Vitamine E, propyl paraben, fd&c yellow#5, fd&c  blue1, iron oxide, zinc oxide, fragrance, aloe vera terpenoid extract resin.

Get radiant smooth skin instantly with N’vive SP Powder !


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Nívive Sun Powder Protection $80 for three boxes [SP100]
Color / Scent Qty
Color B -  $80.00 
Color C -  $80.00 
Color A -  $80.00 

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