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N'VIVE Exfoliate Gel



Face scrub combines Natural herbal oil extracted with Epsom Salt .
For radiant complexion, Nvive Exfoliate gel features a triple-action formula that gives even delicate skin the skin gentle yet thorough exfoliation it requires : Tone-skin with a epsom complex that remove dead surface cells and purifies clogged pores . Polishes  the surface gentle yet effective herbal extracted oil to reveal the fresh , glowing skin beneath . Natural - extracted saponin ( aloe , cucumber, pandan , leafs) Helps soften and condition skin for the smoothest after - fell .

Ingredients: JoJoba oil extracted ( cucumber , aloe-vera, pandan leafs), Vitamin A,E, stearic saponin cocoamid , eptsom  usp fine grade , fragrance , fdc green.

Made in USA

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N'VIVE Exfoliate Gel
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