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Nvive Natural Cream (heals cracked-skin and calms itching-redness) [NC100]
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N'ViVe Natural Cream is used in severe cracked skin and overly drying (PSORIASIS) skin which could lead to secondary infection. It calms redness and reduces itching.

High concentration of moisturizers, often used in MANICURE AND PEDICURE services. It can be used as an everyday cream but also in acute cases is very effective







Heals Itchy Redness and Cracking Dry Skin
Although many prescription medications are available for the treatment of psoriasis (overly dry cracked skin) many sufferers choose to go with Nvive cream natural cream. This choice is usually based on the fact that a wide range of side effects also accompany many chemicals such as steroid and cortisol. If you are looking to avoid the onset of unwanted side effects and like the idea of approaching your treatment from a natural standpoint.
Homeopathic or natural remedies for many illnesses are becoming very mainstream and popular. The same is true for the natural treatment of psoriasis. Nvive cream can be very effective at controlling the symptoms of psoriasis and reducing the frequency of the outbreaks.
Nvive Cream Natural topical treatments for psoriasis (overly dry cracked skin) ingredients are application of eucalyptus oil, terpenoids and an essential oil mixture . The most important thing to do is to keep skin hydrated with the perfect structure from its binder composite.
Choose this product based on accounts that it is effective and not on miracle claims. Many natural psoriasis treatments claim to cure psoriasis, however there is not a known cure for this abnormal skin condition in the medical community. Look for natural products that promise to treat the symptoms, relieve the severity of the symptoms, or work to keep the outbreaks at bay.


To be safe it is best to discuss any natural treatments with your doctor or dermatologist before beginning treatment. Be sure to inform the doctor of any other medications you are taking and of any other treatments (even if they are for another condition) that you are using.
During the first few weeks of treatment it is also a good idea to keep a psoriasis journal. Take a moment each day to write down the type of symptoms you are experiencing, the severity of your condition, and any other physical signs that you may notice. This journal will help you determine if the natural treatment is working and also help you identify allergic reactions or other side effects before they become too serious.
Natural Nvive Cream for the treatment of psoriasis can be very effective and can help the patient better cope with having the disease. However, the products are only effective if used wisely and with the proper knowledge.

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Nvive Natural Cream (heals cracked-skin and calms itching-redness) [NC100]
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Testimonial: Nvive Natural Cream (heals cracked-skin and calms itching-redness) [NC100]
Chringlaeo Arthittaya, Long Beach

I always thought my problem is incurable, until I used N’vive Cream. To my surprise, the symptoms disappeared quickly by the third day. Now, I used on a daily basis, and the symptoms never come back.  It helps me feel comfortable during the day, and...

hai lan nguyen, santa ana

It help a lot my arm skin. It reduces a lot of itches too.

Thao Nguyen, Gardena

This product is amazing! I tried a N’vive cream on my arms, and couldn't believe how wonderful my skin looked now! Thanks N’Vive! I am a loyal customer now!

Lee Jimmy, Connecticut

Seeing is Believing I used to be a very skeptical kind of person. I wanted to judge the result by my own. Therefore, I tested the cream only on one of my legs . After about one week of the treatment, I compared my two legs and, Wow! I can't believe my...



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