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Nívive Serum
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by Valerie Sobotta ( Sunday 09 September, 2012 )
Níviveís Skin Brighter Serum is awesome!!! I have tired numerous products to remove my sun spots for many years costing from several hundred dollars facial cleaning packages to magazine claimed ďproven tested resultsĒ creams. However, none of them has impressed me as much as this product. Within a monthís time it has removed more sun spots than any other product I have tried. In addition to removing my dark spots, it makes a fantastic moisturizer. Thanks, Nívive!

by Fijita Sachi ( Tuesday 08 May, 2012 )

I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I have been using NíVive Serum for a few months... I have noticed wrinkles softening, facial lines plump up, and brighter skin. My skin is now firm, vibrant, youthful, and it's looking better. Thank you NíVive for a great product!

by Mikaela Victoria ( Tuesday 08 May, 2012 )

I worked under very harmful chemical conditions, and N’Vive Serum is my Essential protective product.
• Reduces appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles
• Improve skin tone. Increases hydration, oxygen absorption
• Dramatically improves appearance of sun damaged skin
• Diminishes the appearance of age-spots

by huong phi ( Tuesday 08 May, 2012 )

It took only minutes before I felt my skin begin to tighten. Unlike other products I have tried before, my skin also felt rejuvenated and nourished. There wasn't a hint of dryness. My wrinkles continued to smooth out over time and my skin became increasingly soft. Finally, an age defying skincare that actually works!

by Mai Nguyen ( Tuesday 08 May, 2012 )

As an esthetician, it is my belief that the very best way to get better results from your skin care products is to use a serum underneath your moisturizer or make-up. Nvive serum calms and diminishes the redness and balances your skin tone, which yields better results for perfect make-up.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews) Result Pages: Page:   1 
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